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  • Shannon Thomas

MusicBridges Pre-K Literacy Program at Hartsfield Elementary School

Hartsfield Elementary School in Leon County has invited MusicBridges to begin a Pre-K violin class in the fall! We are so excited to partner with the vibrant and enthusiastic faculty at Hartsfield, and we can't wait to meet our first class of Pre-K students!


What is the MusicBridges Pre-K Violin Literacy Program?

  • Small-group violin classes for 4-5 year old Pre-K students, meeting twice a week

  • Exciting, student-centered curriculum that aims to develop and strengthen the following Kindergarten-readiness skills:

    • Listening skills

      • Demonstrating understanding when listening

      • Increasing knowledge through listening

      • Following directions

    • Fine motor skills

      • Increasing precision, strength, coordination and efficiency when using hand muscles

      • Coordinating hand and eye movements to perform a variety of actions with increasing precision

    • Ability to focus for longer periods of time

    • Pattern recognition

    • Pre-literacy tracking left to right and top to bottom

    • Recognizing likenesses and differences in sounds

    • Functional and organizational language (e.g., same and different, in front of and behind, next to, opposite, below)

    • Crossing midlines

    • Memory and abstract thinking

    • Active involvement in learning and school

    • Self discipline

    • Self-esteem

    • Sense of identity and belonging

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